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Slim Weight Patch Review

Size Zero Patch Review

This reason for publishing this Size Zero Slim Patch Review is to help those who are interested in shedding off pounds, to choose the most effective option for reaching this target.


Basically, this patch aims to infiltrate the body with weight reductions components found in them.

This process compared to weight loss pills is highly satisfactory, because diet pills are taken in orally and have delayed benefits. It would be rather amazing if all that excessive weight could be loaded off without spending hours at the gym, and eating those dreadful healthy meals.

  • Clinically researched ingredients
  • Boost your metabolism
  • Can help suppress appetite
  • Quick, easy and discreet to use

This product comes along with sticky patches that get attached to your skin. These miracle workers are created as waterproof strips, so there is no need to take it off when coming in contact with water.


The Size Zero Patch has a diverse range of weight loss components that go directly into the bloodstream once applied to the body.

This is mainly due to transdermal technology and the patches are created with effectual elements that speed up the rate of calorie burning. It’s necessary to apply a new patch everyday to see maximum results.

The Size Zero Patch consists of different items like 5 HTPGuaranaDHEAYerba MateFlaxseed oilZinc-CitrateLecithin, L-CarnitineLecithinGarcinia Cambogia and Fucus Vesiculosus.

Out of these ingredients DHE aims to reduce obesity and has a positive effect in lowering diabetes and Flaxseed oil provides the body with the good fats that assist in healthy functions and promote longevity. Lecithin helps in cleansing the liver, if it’s stressed and helps to distribute weight evenly within the body.

Other vital ingredients like Yerba Mate, Garcinia Cambogia and 5 HTP help to lower hunger levels and make people feel like they’re full. Lastly, Fucus Vesiculosus also helps in reducing the need to consume food because it’s a natural amino acid.

The benefits associated with a Slim Weight Patch are diverse and comprise of the waterproof nature of patches, effects that act on the body all night long, absorption into the bloodstream and comprises of nature based items.

Moreover, its boosts the rate of metabolism increasing the number of calories burnt throughout the day, resulting in efficient weight loss. The nature based components make it a perfect system of weight loss. The casing is a crucial matter but Slim Weight Patch is very convenient with this regard.

The patches can be purchased in different amounts with concern to individual requirements, and competitive price with free shipping . As with every amazing product, this also offers a guarantee of use. It can be exchanged in 180 days, if results aren’t seen.

For people who want to desperately lose weight, this product is sold on the company’s website, (click for coupon code). It can be ordered there and is delivered on the same day in most cases, so people can start losing weight instantly. Another tremendous offer is that there are no charges for delivery.

Using this safe and commendable system of reducing weight people might never have to worry about reduction in diets.


Weight Loss Patches:What are Weight Loss Patches ?

What are weight loss patches ?

You want to lose some excess weight huh ?

Almost everyone wants to reduce some excess weight that they’ve piled on.

The drive for reduction is triggered by personal will and also by the ideal skinny image portrayed by the media. Weight loss patches are a new commodity that has been launched for any consumer who wants to easily and quickly lose extra weight that has been put on.

These patches are seemingly more effectual and reliable that diet pills, which are also available for sale in the market. Some people are not that supportive of weight loss patches stating that they are rather useless.

The effectiveness has been compared to snake oils being sold which don’t offer the benefits the sellers claim they do. People also believe that it’s valuable to point out that there is little medical proof to ascertain that the producers of weight loss patches are indeed being truthful.


For those who haven’t seen them, weight loss patches look a lot like nicotine patches and are applied to various areas of the body that need to lose weight. They are usually applied on the skin of arms, stomach and thighs because these places are easily accessible.

The active components of the weight loss patches are immersed into the skin through transdermal methods and then go into the bloodstream.

There two major categories into which the weight loss patches are divided on the basis of the method with which they effectively reduce weight.

People must know these methods in and out to be able to differentiate and choose the method that would best suit them, and then buy the patch.

The first type of weight loss patches try to reduce weight by targeting the appetite (read more on how weight loss patches work…).

They have active ingredients that lead to a reduction in the constant need for munching on food all the time.

Reducing food intake obviously reduces weight, which is achieved via this type. The second type of patches attack the burning of calories and achieve increase the speed with which this happens.

No matter how many calories are consumed through the course of the day, these weight loss patches will improve the rate of calories burnt and hence, reduce the amount of excess fat.

This will help in shedding off excess pounds, and maintain the figure that people want to achieve.

There are many contrasts between both diet pills and weight loss patches, but the main difference is the effectual capabilities.

Ideally, weight loss patches produce better results because they are sent directly into the blood within a small amount of time.  On the other hand, weight loss pills are ingested and not absorbed. They have to be worked on by the liver and need to be digested by the stomach.

This process means that some amount will be wasted and that leads to wastage of money as well.

The patch is obviously much better and beneficial because it entails no wear and tear and is just directly taken to the blood, from where it reaches the places that need weight loss.

Compare Slimming Patches vs Slimming Pills

Weight Loss patches VS Diet pills

Pills can be mistaken


People who are interested in losing weight resort to two major methods that are diet pills and weight loss patches.




There has been significant distortion over which method is better and more desirable in terms of helpfulness, safety and prices.

It is of utmost importance to realize that both these weight loss methods are beneficial in their own respect and obviously have certain disadvantages like everything else.

It’s improper to declare that one is better than the other, but stating the advantages and disadvantages of each respectively is essential to avoid any problems regarding misconceptions about both weight loss patches and diet pills.


Weight loss patches are seemingly more cost effective because they provide cheaper methods if weight loss. The infiltration of ingredients through the bloodstream is a cheaper option than diet pills and more invasive.

The whole process associated with diet pills is rather slow and takes a long time.

The diet pills have to be consumed orally, usually with water and are then swallowed and deposited in the stomach.

This is usually where their components are broken down and digested, with the aid of the liver. After this digestion stage remnants of these pills are brought to both the large and small intestines and this is where they are actually sent out for spreading throughout the body.

In other terms, only after reaching the intestines are the pills effective towards their aim. Weight loss patches are really speedy and a short while after application the active components are sent into the bloodstream for action.

It’s highly vital to notice that diet pills have been subject to negative publicity on the account of the media defaming certain companies that produce these pills.

The reason for that was not been the pills themselves, but the fact that certain companies made false claims saying that the FDA and other health administering bodies had approved and sponsored their diet pills, but it was a lie.

Specific products included in the warning are  21 Double Slim/Fasting Weight Loss/Fat loss Slimming/Herbal Xenicol; Natural Model; Phyto Shape; 2 Day Diet Slim Advance/Slim 3 in 1 Extra Slim Waist Formula/ Slim Burn/ Slim Express 360/ Super Fat Burner/ Xsvelten. For a full list of products on the dangerous weight loss products list, check the FDA press release.

Some health representatives have also announced worries regarding some of the filler and binder constituents of the diet pills which have several side effects that have been proved.

Some medical people have also raised voices about the negative and sometimes even lethal effects of the collusion of diet pills and prescribed medicines.

With respect to weight loss patches, it can’t be concluded specifically that they’ll have positive effects on the body, but that depends on relative and personal opinions.

However, it’s fundamental to state that many people have reported that some weight loss patches result in itching and irritation over the part of skin they’re applied to.

Not only that, frequent use of these patches can cause minor injuries and cuts over the areas of the skin they come in contact with. In these cases alternatives are present and those interested in losing weight can always opt for slim weight patches.

They are light and much thinner compared to the traditional ones and thus, will help in avoiding rashes and any form of injuries.